Welcome To Progress Project

We are a non-profit organization running a progress project that works towards reforming the ways of
transportation from cars to more eco-friendly means for the betterment of everyone.
Join us to contribute to the ultimate and much-needed change.

Eco-Friendly Ways Of Alternative Transportation

Read on to know about some of the alternate eco-friendly ways of transportation you can opt for.

The Tramway

Switch to the tramway running on the urban streets and contribute to the major shift in transportation.


If your destination is near, you might as well prefer walking that distance.

Bio Bus

Powered by waste, the bio bus might serve as the right public transport alternative for you to cover longer routes.

Electric Cars

If you prefer a private vehicle to travel, electric cars will indeed serve as a better alternative for cars running on non-renewable resources.

Road to Renewables

Well, if you are okay with public transport, electric buses running down the streets could serve as a
right fit for you.

The Hybrid Bus

A good mix of the conventional engine propulsion system and an electric one, the hybrid bus is yet another eco-friendly alternative for cars.


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Non-Uniform Tariff Structures In Urban Transport

Our project also aims to align the currently existing non-uniform tariff structures to the planning & funding of road infrastructure by making it more uniform.

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Funding Road Infrastructure

Organizing Communities

We work hard to organize the communities of people who are keen on working for
our initiative.


We also aim to ignite the spirit of policymaking in people that would help achieve the goal of complete eco-friendly transportation.

Payment Systems

Aligning the payment systems with the tariff strictures to ultimately smoothen the funding process for road infrastructure is a very significant part of
our initiative.

Our Testimonials

"I have had the opportunity to witness the growth of this initiative from the very beginning and am in awe of the dedication they work with. Truly appreciated!"
Howard Bailey
"Having had the opportunity to witness the work as an outsider and then working with the team, I feel grateful to be part of this initiative."
Harry Peterson

Latest News & Updates

Distance-Based Fare Structure

We also plan to get a distance-based fare structure in place as that might significantly
facilitate the completion of the aim of our organization.